About Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the most unique cities in the country. Known as “City Different”, Santa Fe has many different melding cultures that influence the architecture, food, art, landscape, and so much more.

As New Mexico’s state capital, Santa Fe has an elevation of 7,000 feet of the southern Rocky Mountains so is quite sunny for most of year. Santa Fe has a population over 80,000 people and the residents here are primarily Hispanic, Anglo and Native American people. 

Santa Fe is the highest and oldest capital city in the United States.

  • Climate and setting
  • Arts and culture
  • Historic interest
  • Growth and sprawl
  • Tourist impact
  • Cost of living


Santa Fe, New Mexico was established in 1610. It originated on the site of old Pueblo villages.

It’s the second-oldest surviving city founded by European colonists on land that later became part of the US. The city has been the capital of:

  • the Spanish “Kingdom of New Mexico,”
  • Mexican province of Nuevo Mejico,
  • U.S. Territory of New Mexico, and
  • State of New Mexico since 1912.

Growth & Economy

Santa Fe’s economy has been based largely on tourism and state government. The government employs the most people in the area.

1.6 million people visit Santa Fe and its rich history and unique culture every year and is considered on of the best travel destinations in the country. Tourism boosts the city’s retail industry.


Santa Fe is a great place to live whether you are raising a family or want to retire here or anything in between. 

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