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If you searched for “fence company near me” or “fencing Santa Fe NM” and have come across our page, you’ve come to the right place! We are one of the top Santa Fe fence companies in the area and we strive to make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with out work. 

There are many good qualities that you should look for when looking for a Santa Fe fencing company to come install your fence. You must make sure that they are licensed, bonded, and insured to install fencing in Santa Fe. It’s also a benefit if the company is locally owned and operated, one that knows the area and knows the trends of fencing types in neighborhoods. You also want to look for a company that is honest and has high integrity, with the mission to put our customers satisfaction first above anything else.

Fencing Santa Fe meets all of these criteria and more! We also ALWAYS offer free estimates so that you know our process and exactly how much it will cost before we even start on your project. 

We install many different types of fences in Santa Fe including:

  • Coyote Fences
  • Wooden Split Rail Fences
  • Chain link fences
  • Ornamental fences
  • Vinyl fences
  • Fence Repair Santa Fe
  • And more  . . . 


Fencing Santa Fe NM Services

Coyote Fence
Santa Fe

A very popular type of fence in the area and very distinct to Santa Fe New Mexico is the Coyote fence or Santa Fe style fence. Coyote fences are made out of Spruce-Fir latillas that are tied to a steel welded framework.

Split Rail

If you are looking for a split rail fence Santa Fe, we can build and install wooden split rail fences on your property. Split rail fences are great to confine areas around a property. They look rustic and has many uses.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are affordable and very durable. They are great for security and come in many different colors. They can also be made into privacy fences using vinyl slats that are inserted between the links.


Wood fences are great if you are looking for that wood look on your property. The need more care and maintenance over time, but can be a great option for any property to create privacy and security!


Metal ornamental fences are made out of aluminum and steel that have the look and feel of wrought iron. Raise your property value with a beautiful ornamental fence!

Fence Repair
Santa Fe

We also provide fence repair services in Santa Fe. Whether you need to repair your coyote fence, wood fence, or any other type of fence, we have the service you may need to fix your damaged fence. Sometimes it is more cost effective and a better decision to mend your fence rather than completely tear it down and replace it.

Best Fencing in Santa Fe

Fencing Santa Fe NM is dedicated to providing high quality work and materials. We work with the best fence suppliers in the area so that our fence products are top quality so that they last longer on any property.

Our Santa Fe fence contractors provide fencing to residential properties and to commercial properties, so whether you need a fence at your home or at your business, we can the get the job done!

There are so many fence styles that we offer. We offer coyote fencing or Santa Fe style fence, other wood fences such as split rail fencing, chain link fences, dog fence Santa Fe, metal fencing such as wrought iron, aluminum and steel, and vinyl and chain link fences as well. There are also stucco wall fencing that we can help coordinate at your property. 

Just let us know and we will help you! Call us for a free consultation!

Call Today




Contact us so that we can schedule a time to come to your home an talk about what type of fence you want. Fence installation Santa Fe shouldn’t be difficult and we make sure to help you every step of the way. When we come over we will measure out the area and provide valuable feedback about our different fence types and what will look great in your neighborhood based on what other people have installed.

Once we get the type of fence, how many linear feet you need, and the other details pertaining to your project, we will give you a quote!


Once you’ve agreed to our fence pricing (and we are confident you will like our prices), we will then schedule your fence installation. We will order all of your fence material from our supplier and as soon as it comes we will be ready for your installation!


Once all of the material is in, we will dig post holes for the fence posts, pour concrete so that the posts are sturdy, and then install your fence! We know you will be very happy with your fence just like so many of our other customers!



Schedule your FREE estimate! We are expert fence contractors. Our fence contractors are the best in the area and we know you will love our work and our prices!


  • Fence installation costs vary in Santa Fe depending on a few factors:

    • Fence material
    • Linear feet needed
    • Fence hieght
    • Number of Gates
    • Location
    • Etc.

    The best way to know how much it will cost to install your fence is to call us!



Our clients seriously love us … it’s no wonder why 9 out of 10 people choose us to install their fence.

  • Great HIGH QUALITY Fence

    I love my new coyote fence. Looks great and fits in well in my neighborhood with the other Santa Fe style fencing. Thanks and well done!

    Great HIGH QUALITY Fence
    Maria Gonzales
    February 28, 2019

    I was very impressed with the job. I needed a split-rail fence around my 3 acre property to keep my horses in. They did amazing. Thank you!

    Richard Gutierrez
    April 23, 2018
  • AFFORDABLE Fence Cost

    I am very satisfied with the price of my fence installation. My fence was affordable and still looks really really well done.

    AFFORDABLE Fence Cost
    Ray Milan
    July 14, 2019

We Also Provide Fence Services In The Following Cities Around Santa Fe NM and many more in Santa Fe County

  • Eldorado at Santa Fe, Nm
  • Edgewood
  • Pojaoque
  • La Cienega
  • Agua Fria
  • Chimayo
  • El Rancho
  • Pecos

About Santa Fe New Mexico


Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico. As one of the oldest cities in the USA (established over 400 years ago) it has very distinct architecture, lifestyle, art and food.

Nicknamed “City Different” Santa Fe is truly unlike any other. It embodies rich history, melding Hispanic, Anglo, and Native American cultures whose influences are found in everything.


Call us today! Our fence contractors are prompt, professional, and have high integrity and honestly. Schedule your FREE fencing Santa Fe quote today!